The Rising Concern of Over-hiring TVDE Drivers in Portugal:
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The Rising Concern of Over-hiring TVDE Drivers in Portugal:

Suggestion for UBER and BOLT

In recent years, the number of TVDE drivers in Portugal has been steadily increasing. With 20,243 drivers obtaining their licenses in 2022, the popularity of ride-hailing apps has played a significant role in this growth, compared to just 10,630 drivers in 2019. However, this surge in TVDE drivers has resulted in several challenges for them.

The rise in TVDE drivers has led to various issues, including decreasing wages due to increased competition for rides, market saturation making it difficult for new drivers to enter the industry, and a negative impact on tourism as fewer tourists visit Portugal.

Apart from economic challenges, TVDE drivers also face inflation affecting their cost of living, lack of benefits like health insurance and paid vacation, and difficulties in balancing work and family life due to long and unpredictable working hours.

To address these challenges, action needs to be taken. Suggestions for Uber and Bolt include halting the hiring of new TVDE drivers temporarily to improve wages for existing drivers and setting a limit on the number of TVDE licenses issued to prevent market saturation. Collaboration with the government could result in measures like financial assistance to drivers or promotion of tourism.

If you are a TVDE driver in Portugal, you can help too. By reaching out to Uber and Bolt to express your concerns, joining a union to negotiate for better wages and benefits, and raising awareness in your community about over-hiring, you can make a difference.

Together, we can bring about positive changes for TVDE drivers in Portugal. By addressing the issue of over-hiring, we can ensure a more sustainable and prosperous future for these hardworking drivers. Let’s unite and support them in their journey to provide a reliable and convenient way to get around our cities.

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